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UN B.inggris tahun 2009/2010

Last week, my colleagues and I went to Bali for three days. We left for Bali by plane. It took one hour forty minutes by Merpati Airline.
On the first day, we dropped by at SMP I Denpasar for a visit. We spent about two hours there until lunch time. After lunch, we went by bus to the Legian beach. There we had a boat ride visiting the ‘Penyu’ bay. We saw some big green turtles and some other animals. In the afternoon, we visited the Garuda Wisnu Kencana complex in Jimbaran. We enjoyed the giant statue of Wisnu, one of the gods in Hinduism, and a giant bird statue of Garuda. The statue is supposed to be taller than the Libarty statue in the US. Our first day ended with dinner in the Jimbaran beach where we were wathing the sunset. We spent the night at the Fourteen Roses hotel in Legian.
On the second day, we had some shopping at the Sukowati traditional market. There are many kinds of souvenirs in the place. We bought some. We also visited the Kedaton forest in Tabanan and enjoyed the sunset in Tanah Lot. On the last day of our visit in Bali, we enjoyed morning walk at Kuta beach. The visit to Bali was really hard to forget.

The following text is for Questions 1 to 3.
1. Where did the writer watch the giant statue of Wisnu?
A. In the Legian beach.
B. In Garuda Wisnu Kencana Complex.
C. At the Sukowati traditional market.
D. In the Kedaton forest.
2. Paragraph 2 tells us about the writer’s …
A. Preparation to leave for Bali.
B. Visit to SMP I Denpasar.
C. Activity on his first day in Bali.
D. Experience to see the giant statue.
3. How many places did the writer visit on the second day?
A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. Four.
4. - - – - - -
The good arrangement of the jumjbled words above is …
A. 2 – 3 – 7 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 5
B. 3 – 7 – 6 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 2
C. 2 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 5
D. 3 – 7 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 4 – 2
5. 1. At 2 p.m., the crater is closed because of the poisonous smoke from the crater.
2. The colourfull water of the lake is very dramatic.
3. Ijen Crater of kawah Ijen is one the most beautiful craters in Indonesia.
4. The best time to enjoy the view is morning, very fresh and very good panorama.
5. Ijen crater is a result of the Ijen’s explosion.

The best arrangement of the sentences above is …
A. 3 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 1
B. 3 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 4
C. 5 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 4
D. 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 2

The following text is for Questions 6 and 7
Nestled high in hills on the way to Bandung, the air is cooler and cleaner in this popular retreat. Puncak (literally ‘peak’) lies 100 km south of Jakarta, and is home to various hotels and mountain resorts which offer relaxing messages and facial treatments after an exhausting work days. For more active people, there are nearby hiking trails. For children, there is Taman Safari Indonesia: a spacious drive-through conservation park where you can take photos with animals.

6. There is no … in Puncak.
A. Taman Safari Indonesia.
B. Various hotels and resorts.
C. Game park for animals.
D. Hiking trails
7. People can go around Taman Safari Indonesia …
A. By car or bus.
B. By bicycle or on foot.
C. On foot or by motorcycle.
D. By train or by cart.

This text is for Questions 8 to 11.
Smog is a mixture of fog and other ingredients and is considered a form of iar pollution.
There are two types of smog. One includes high concentrations of smoke from burning substances. The other type is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when certain substances in the air come in contact with sunlight. Both types of smog generally develop during a condition known as a temperature inversion. This occurs when a layer of cool air near the ground is trapped by a layer of warm air above it, and winds are too light to move the layers of air. This condition prevent air from mixing vertically and keeps the smog concentrated near the ground.
Anything that pollutes the air can contribute to smog. This includes gases and other substances produced by burning, coal, wood, gasoline, and other fuels; gases produced during manufacturing processes; gases and ash emitted by volcanoes; and even natural gases and substances that occur in nature.

8. What does the text tell us about?
A. Fog.
B. Smog.
C. Pollution.
D. Gas.
9. What is the name of the condition in which both types of smog develop?
A. A high concentration.
B. A chemical reaction.
C. A temperature inversion.
D. A natural condition.
10. “This occurs when a layer of cool air near the ground …” (paragraph 2, line 2)
What does the underlined word mean?
A. Appears.
B. Happens.
C. Continues.
D. Keeps.
11. From the last paragraph, we can conclude that …
A. Smog happens naturally without human’s interference
B. Men also contribute in producing smog
C. Smog is not dangerous for human being
D. Smog is useful to help the balance of the ecosystem

The following text is for Questions 15 to 17.
One day a big ship wrecked near a small island. The only survivor of the shipwreek washed up on a small, empty island. He prayed for God to rescue him, and every day he watched the horizon for help, but no one seemed coming. He built na little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the bad weather and to keep his few possessions. One day, after looking for food, he arrived home to find his little hut on fire, the smoke rolling up to the sky. The bad thing had happened; he lost everything. He was very sad. “God, how could you do this to me!” he cried.
Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. “How did you know I was here?” asked the weary man to his rescuers. “We saw your smoke signal, “they replied. The man thanked God for that.

12. What can we learn from the story above?
A. Bad things may bring good things.
B. People have to be happy at bad times.
C. Something bad makes people sad.
D. We must be sad at bad times.
13. What made the rescuers come and save the man’s life?
A. The driftwood.
B. The burning hut.
C. The wrecked ship.
D. The man’s life.
14. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A. The man got help.
B. The man cried for help.
C. The hut is on fire.
D. The ship came to the island.

The following text is for Questions 15 to 17.
Kediri is a name of a town. It is situated in a valley between the Kelud and Wilis mountains and inhabited by about 1.3 million people. In the center of the town there is a large hill which is called the Bathok mountain. Because of the topography of the region, Kediri is called a chily town by the locals. There is a big river called Brantas cutting off the center of the town.
Besides temples, Kediri is also famous for its products like cigarettes and a special kind of tofu or bean curd. This highly nutritious food is a delicacy of Kediri and have a distinctive taste. The cigarette factory dominates the town’s economy and employs the majority of the woman labor force. Kediri and the cigarette factory are inseparable and it is considered the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia. Most of the local people work in this factory. Those who do not work here are farmers or traders.

15. What does the above text tell us about?
A. The history of Kediri.
B. The famous products of Kediri.
C. The description of Kediri.
D. The people of Kediri.
16. Which one has a distinctive taste?
A. The cigarette.
B. The special food.
C. The been curd.
D. The highly nutritious food.
17. “Those who do not work here?”
The underlined word refers to …
A. The local people.
B. The factory workers.
C. The farmers
D. The traders

The following text is for Question 18.

18. The notice above means …
A. We aren’t allowed to let the door open all the time.
B. We are prohibitied to enter the room.
C. We have to take another door to enter the room.
D. We aren’t permitted to open the door.
The following text is for Question 19.
Dear Macy,
Congratulations on your success to be the Director of
Human Resource of the Shepherd’s Bush Studios, London.
And also your brother, Jhonny, as the Trainee studio manager.

God bless you

Kane & Cerys

19. Who is the Director of Human Resource of the Shapherd’s Bush Studios?
A. Jhonny.
B. Cerys.
C. Macy.
D. Kane.

The following text is for Question 20.
Dear Marina,
I’m sorry to inform you that our friend, Fauzia
Ahmad (25 years). Passed away on Saturday,
February 27th, 2010 at 20 p.m. after being
Hospitalized for 10 days.
She will be buried in Kenanga Cemetery,
Sunday, February 28th 2010 at 10 a.m.

20. How long had Fauzia Ahmad been sick?
A. 7 days.
B. 8 days.
C. 9 days.
D. 10 days.

The following text is for Questions 21 and 22.
All of students Grade 9
You are invited to: GRADUATION PARTY 2010 SMP Insan Cendekia
Day/Date : Saturday, 6th June 2010
Time : 10:00 am – 13:00 pm
Venue : Ball Room, Hilton Hotel
Jl. S. Parman Kav 9 – 10 Surabaya
Come and join us.
*Invitation cards are avaible at the OSIS room.

21. Where will the graduation party be held?
A. At the OSIS room.
B. At the school hall.
C. At SMP Insan Cendekia.
D. At the Ball Room of Hilton Hotel.
22. How long will the graduation perty be?
A. 2 hours.
B. 3 hours.
C. 4 hours.
D. 5 hours.

This text is for Questions 23 and 24.
To : Jody<>
From: Wildan<>
Date and time: June 5, 2010
Subject: joining course plan

Dear Jody,
Thanks for E-mail that you sent a week ago. Sorry for writing back so late because I’ve been very busy from all the school’s assignment. There is so much to do because the new semester has just started! It is interisting to read about your plan in joining a course to improve your English this semester. If you don’t mind I would like to suggest you a course to join. It is Oak Tree, a homey edukation centre. It’s a place not only to improve your skill in English but also to have a music lesson in one place, as I know you have good talent in language and music. If you want to know more about it, I am ready to teek you there. Just contact me!


23. What is Oak Tree?
A. A music course.
B. A homey education centre.
C. An English education centre.
D. An English institution.
24. What does Jody want to do this semester?
A. Improve his English.
B. Have a music leson.
C. Join Oak Tree.
D. Work at school.
The following text is for Questions 25 to 28.
The water lily is a plant of the aquatic family Nymphaeaceae, and of the genus Nymphae. These plants are found in fresh, stil water throughout the warm temperate regions. People cultivate this plant. The plant can grow easily from the seed. It may be grown in containers or ponds.
The water lily is a beautiful plant. It has round leaves. The leaves may float or immerse. The flower has four sepals and many petals and stamens. The color of this flower may be white, pink, yellow, or blue. When blossoms, it sometimes smells good. Some species of this plant open by day and closed at night: others open at night and closed by day. The life span of the flower is usually three days.

25. What does the text tell us about?
A. A plant named water lily.
B. A beautiful plant grown in water.
C. An equatic plant cultivated in warm regions.
D. Water lily cultivated in ponds.
26. How long is water lily flower usually in blossom?
A. A day or a night.
B. A day and a night.
C. Three days.
D. More than three days.
27. From the text above, we can conclude that water lily can’t live in …
A. Fresh still water
B. Dry ground areas
C. Wet areas
D. Watery places
28. Paragraph two tells us about …
A. The shape of the water lily leaves.
B. The beauty of the water lily.
C. The flowers of the water lily.
D. The parts of the water lily flower.
The following text is for Questions 29 to 33.
On Friday morning, 27 March 2009, the Situ Gintung dam witch is located in Cireundeu southern part of Tanggerang burst. It happened early in the morning at about 04.30 Indonesian Western Time (WIB), when people in the nearby ara were still sleeping without option to flee.
The incident happened because of hesvy rains. The dam could not hold back the water and collapsed. A big water full of rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses. It also swept away cars and broke telephone lines. The flood water reaches the height of up to four metres.
Hundreds of houses were totally demaged and a lot of property lost. More than 100 people died and many more still lost. The total lost could reach billions even trillions of rupiahs because of the disaster.
It way really a horrifying disaster in early 2009. It made a lot of people lost their husbands, wives, sons, daughters , relatives and properties. It was an unforgettable disaster heppening close to the country’s capital city of Jakarta.

29. What is the text mostly about?
A. Flood in the Jakarta province.
B. The burdting of the Situ Gintung dam.
C. The victims of the flood disaster.
D. Heavy rains in Situ Gintung.
30. “A big water full of rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses.”
What does the underlined word mean?
A. Broke into pieces.
B. Entered slowly.
C. Got in gradually.
D. Cut into pieces.
31. Why did the Situ Gintung dam burst?
A. Because it contains a lot of water.
B. Because the flood water reached a height of up to four metres.
C. Because it couldn’t hold back the water from the heavy rains.
D. Because it is located in a dangerous area.
32. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A. The total lost of the sisaster were trillions of rupiahs.
B. The location of the disaster was in Situ Gintung Jakarta.
C. The number of the victims in the disaster was 100.
D. The couse of the disaster was the inability of the dam to hold water.
33. When did the disaster happen?
A. At midnight.
B. At dusk.
C. At noon.
D. At dawn.
The following text is for Questions 34 to 37.
It was a beautiful day. Everybody in the Kawar village was happy. The farmers had just had their best harvest. The villagers were planning to hold a party to celebrate the good harvest. On one beautiful day, all the villagers gathered in a field. They wore beautiful dresses and made delicious food. Everybody was having good times! They were singing, laughing,and of course, eating delicious food.
Did everyone go to the party? Unfortunately, there was one old woman still staying at her house. She was too old and week to go to the party. At home, the old woman felt very sad and lonely. She was very hungry too. She tried to find some food in the kitchen, but she was very disappointed. Her daughter-in-law didn’t cook that day. At the party, the son asked her wive, “Why don’t you take some food from the party ang give it to my mom. Ask our son to deliver it. “Then the little boy brought the food to her grandmother. The old womwn was so happy. But her happiness turned into sadness when she saw the food was not in a good condition. It seemed that someone has eaten the food. She just got little rice and fish bones.
The old woman was very sad. She thought bad things about her son. The old woman didn’t know that it was her grandson who had eaten the food on the way from the party to the house. She cursed her son. Then, a terrible thing happened. There was a great eartquake! Thunders struck the village. And heavy rains started to fall. All the villagers were so scared. They wanted to save themselves. They tried to find shelters. Slowly, the field turned into a lake. The lake was getting bigger and bigger and finally the whole village turned into a big lake. People then nemed the lake Lau Kawar.

34. Grandmother was sad because …
A. Someone had eaten her food.
B. Her son said something bad to her.
C. The village turned into a big lake.
D. Thunders stuck the village.
35. From the text we know that the little boy is …
A. Honest.
B. Dishonest.
C. Kind.
D. Patient.
36. “…Then, a terrible thing happened.”
The underlined word means …
A. Impressing.
B. Unpleasing.
C. Wonderful.
D. Amazing.
37. What can we learn from the story above?
A. Don’t look down on others.
B. Make a good plan to win.
C. Give respect to old people.
D. Don’t tell bad things to others.

This text is for Questions 38 to 41.
The wonder boy, Wayne Rooney is a very popular footballer in the world. At the age of 16, Rooney was a top goal scorer for Everton, his first team.
Wayne Rooney was born on October 24th, 1985 in Liverpool. He is the son of a working-class family. He grew up in Croxteth. He was brought up in a three-bedroom house with his parents, Jeanette and Wayne, and his younger brothers, Graham and John. When he was young, Wayne had a dream; he wanted to be the best footballer. His family were Everton. Lovers and Rooney’s old bedroom window was filled with Everton flags.
His debut in Everton Footbal Club was in August 2002. His first lesgue goal came in October 2002 when he became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Premier League at the age of 16 years. In 2004, he joined Manchester United. Nowadays he becomes the world’s most expensive teenager football player.

38. What is the text about?
A. England football player.
B. Wonder boys.
C. Wayne Rooney.
D. Top goal scorer.
39. In what club did Wayne Rooney score his first goal?
A. Arsenal.
B. Manchester United.
C. Everton.
D. Liverpool.
40. What is the main idea of paraghraph one?
A. Rooney is very popular.
B. Rooney lives in a simple family.
C. Rooney becomes the youngest footballer.
D. Rooney has been fan on Everton since he was young.
41. “…He was brought up in a three-bedroom house…”.
The underlined word refers to ….
A. Wayne Rooney.
B. Graham Rooney.
C. John Rooney.
D. Wayne’s Father.

The following text is for Questions 42 and 43.
Batugin Elixir contains the extract of Sonchus arvensis folia (daun tempuyung) and strobilanthus crispus folia (kejibeling) as active ingredients in an optimal specific solution.
Each 30 ml of elixir (=one cup) contains:
 Extract of Sounchus arvensis folia equivalent to 3 gram dried leaves powder.
 Extract of strobilanthus crispus folia equivalent to 0.3 gram dried leaves powder.
To help shedding kidney and urinary stones, and that could improve urinary.
It is suggested to continue the treatment several timesw and to avoid reformation of new kidney stones or urinary stones.
Dosage and Administration;
 Treatment: one cup 3-4 times daily.
 Prevention and maintenance dose (after the stones have been pushed out): one cup once daily.

42. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To tell how to improve the urinary system.
B. To share experience in using Batugin Elixir.
C. To give information about Batugin Elixir.
D. To describe kidney and urinary systems.
43. “It is suggested to …”
The underline word is similar to …
A. Advised.
B. Forced.
C. Persuaded.
D. Claimed.

This text is for Question numbers 44 and 45.
How to make a greeting card
 Hard paper.
 Various stickers.
 Colouring pens.
 Fold the paper into two.
 Decorate the front page with the various stickers.
 Open the paper.
 Write the name of the receiver of the card at the upper part with colouring pens.
 Then write your messages in the center part of the page.
 Don’t forget to write the name of the sender of the card under it.
 Your greeting card is resdy send.

44. We write the name of the sender of the card on the …
A. Front page of the card.
B. Upper part of the second page.
C. Center part of the page
D. Under the content of the message
45. From the text we can conclude that the various stickers are used to make the card …
A. Easy.
B. Useful.
C. Beautiful.
D. Expensive
For numbers 46 to 48, choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks.
Scientists …(46) that increase in these gases in the atmosphere will make the Eart a warmer place. They expect a global rise in the average temperature of 1.4. to 5.8 Celsius degrees (2.5 to 10.4 Fahrenhit degrees) in the next century. The average …(47) has in fact been rising. The 1990s were the warmest decade on record, and 2005 was the warmest yesr on record. Some Scientists are reluctant to say thet global warming has actually begun because climate …(48) varies from year to yearand decade to decade, and it takes many years of records to be sure of a fundamental change. There is little disagreement, though, that global warming is on its way.

46. A. Hope.
B. Think
C. Expect
D. Predict
47. A. Climate.
B. Weather.
C. Temperature
D. Atmosphere.

48. A. Absolutely
B. Naturally
C. Totally
D. Extremely.
This text is for Question numbers 49 and 50.
To: All employees, staff and visitors
We provide some places for smoking in this building.
• On the first floor
It is beside the display room.
• On the second floor
It is at the corner near the emergency strairs.
• On the third floor
It is next to the toilet.
• On the fourth floor.
It is nesr the pantry.
There is also one outside the office. It is behind the security room.

Thank you

The staff management

49. How many smoking areas are avaible in the office building?
A. Five.
B. Four.
C. Three.
D. Two.
50. From the text we know that …
A. Employees are allowed to smoke in certain place.
B. Employees are not allowed to smoke in the building.
C. Only visitors are allowed to smoke in the building.
D. Nobody is allowed to smoke in the building.

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